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Gambling operators are legally required to verify the identities of their users. The current process for verifying user identities is error-prone, costly, time-consuming, and not easily leveraged to improve the customer experience.

Switch to low-cost, high-trust TrustElevate's KYC service to meet your KYC requirements.

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TrustElevate’s eKYC product generates secure, trusted verifiable credentials (VCs) for use in online and offline contexts in 171+ countries, enabling your business to comply with regulations, sell services, process payments, and build trust.

TrustElevate combines the following elements to deliver our state-of-the-art KYC:

  • A physical document identity (RFID & NFC) to online identity layer, with motion-based liveness tests to verify that the person presenting an ID document is actually the person who the document belongs to.

  • SSI decentralized identity services that are favoured by lawmakers and scalable, secure, resilient, and data breach resistant.

  • Speed: our fast and simple integration and 2s verification time will swiftly provide your users with a decentralised wallet and reusable verified credentials

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