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Many investors are looking for the "next big tech revolution" to invest in. This opportunity has come about as an answer to the growing regulations that are being implemented in all business sectors. Compliance that has been driven  by consumer rights and data protection.

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Companies are struggling to catch up with the raft of new and emergent regulations which enhance protections for children online. These protections include certain requirements of data processors and controllers with regard to the handling of children’s data in a transparent fashion, with full and informed parental consent. The delivery of age-appropriate content and services, too, is expected by regulators globally. Many companies are yet to meet these expectations and the grace periods of many of these regulations have ended.

TrustElevate provides a solution that didn’t exist on the market before. Using a decentralised approach to manage the data, TrustElevate doesn’t hold any personal information. Our solution also enables pseudonymous authentication, whereby a company is provided with a token that indicates an individual's age-related eligibility, such that a child’s personal information, and liability for its processing, is never handed to a third-party. Businesses using our solution can be assured that their user onboarding, data handling and content delivery processes are compliant.

In enabling the security of both children and their data online in an ethical and holistic fashion, TrustElevate will foster a newfound sense of trust in the relationships between businesses, government, parents and children. To achieve this, we are working closely with government regulators and have built a strong team who are very passionate about solving the challenges all stakeholders face in the mission to create a safer internet for children.

We are excited to announce that we are looking for seed funding or angel investors to join forces with us in this mission. We have completed a series of technical trials, with a range of companies and we are raising money for further product development to bring our product to the wider market.

If you are interested, please fill in the form below.

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