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Our mission is to make the internet a safer place for children

TrustElevate is the world’s first privacy, security and trust technology platform for handling children and young people’s data, which enables companies to comply with the CCPA, GDPR, AVMSD, PSD2, AML and hundreds of the world’s privacy and security laws.

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Safety By Design

Enabling businesses to respect children's rights
- the right to participate in safe,
age-appropriate online environments.

TrustElevate is working with world-renowned experts in children's rights, data scientists and engineers to develop a child's rights impact assessment.

 Thought Leadership

TrustElevate’s founder wrote the technical standard that underpins age verification and parental consent. This is becoming a global standard. We are also working on developing a child’s rights impact assessment.

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Manage MyFamily trials with BT

In Q1 2020 TrustElevate conducted trials with BT as a part of the UK Government’s VoCO (Verification of Children Online) project.

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