In providing digital platforms and businesses with users’ age-bands (without any Personally Identifiable Information), e.g. < 5-years-old or between 6 and 12-years old, TrustElevate facilitates a number of things. One, platforms and online businesses can limit interactions between children of different age-bands up to the point of restricting communication to children and young people of the same age-band only. Two, children’s rights, as enshrined in the Convention of the Rights of the Child, include the right to privacy, safe places to play, and for a child’s best interests to be the primary consideration.

Implementation of TE’s solution will allow a child’s best interests to be considered in light of their cognitive developmental stage in accordance with their age-band. As a result, their needs can be best catered for in newly-secure online environments. Three, services leveraging our solution can provide age-appropriate content to the user, in alignment with the Age Appropriate Design principle, articulated in the Information Commissioner's Office's
code of practice.

Age Verification and Parental Consent

TrustElevate is the only secure, reliable and accurate privacy-preserving provider of child age verification and parental consent on a Zero Retained Data solution

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TrustElevate’s service
applies to all businesses that handle children and young people’s data.

One-stop-shop for compliance requirements with respect to Age and Identity verification for children, young people, and adults. 

When considering the various regulations under which the operations of major platforms fall, what emerges is the need for a coherent solution applicable across business verticals. Where multiple piecemeal solutions may be applied, there will be gaps through which certain end users or processes fall. Plus, the complications entailed by the need for the portability of data across systems, verticals and solution providers will generate unnecessary costs. TrustElevate is the only solution that can integrate across platforms offerings to provide regulatory compliance, robust user authentication and a cost-effective way of reaching younger users. Below is a summary of the benefits to businesses of the integration of TrustElevate’s technology.