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Are you concerned about pupils' safety online? 

What if websites and apps knew the ages of their users, so they could create safer spaces for children?

In 2023, Mater Boni Consilii St Joseph School Paola, Malta, tested a robust age-checking solution developed by a Maltese company TrustElevate Limited.

Headteacher Dr Kenneth Vella said: 

We are inviting you to test our technology before the official launch in 2023. 
Be part of the solution.

TrustElevate is a technology solution designed to solve challenges to protecting children online and making the internet safer for kids. 

In collaboration with schools across Malta, TrustElevate enables enhanced e-safeguarding of students, making the internet a safer place for children. With this tool, schools can be confident that e-learning apps can create safer experiences for children and young people. 

Why should your school sign up? 

  • TrustElevate is FREE and simple to use

  • Participation benefits your students in and out of school

  • Early access to greater safeguarding capabilities, saves time and budget

  • Testing is straightforward and simple to set up

  • Staff can extend safeguarding and work with parents

  • Parents will gain oversight to a level that's comparable to offline contexts

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