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TrustElevate offers digital onboarding of child and teen bank accounts, banks, PISPs and AISPs compliance with PSD2 (SCA) and authorisations in a largely untapped market


of children in Europe aged 5-15 are online



of parents give their child and allowance


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Child Bank Account

On-boarding is


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TrustElevate's banking product KYC Youth empowers banks and FinTechs to enable financial inclusion and enhance children's access to financial independence

Through frictionless Child Identity and Parental Responsibility Verification we are opening the channels to enable parents and children to function in a co-operative environment that encourages trust and financial responsibility within a zero data retention process. 

TrustElevate's KYC Youth product is revolutionising the digital onboarding process for child and teen bank accounts. We can verify parental permission for online purchases, enabling compliance with the Payment Services Directive and advancing Open Banking. 

No need to bring parents, children, and teen customers in-branch. TrustElevate enables banks and fintechs to do the following:

  • Meet KYC and AML requirements

  • Delight your next generation of customers

  • Improve overall customer engagement with Open Banking APIs

  • Extend and enhance native services and offerings

  • Increase Digital Revenue with Open Banking APIs


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