Know Your Customer

TrustElevate makes identity verification for AML and KYC compliance work for banks and fintechs

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We have revolutionised the child and teen bank account onboarding process. Currently, a parent must go in-branch, present a passport or drivers licence, plus two utility bills, child’s birth certificate or passport for a child and have a bank official judge the likelihood that the adult is in fact the parent of the child. This constitutes a major barrier to the opening of a child bank account. TrustElevate, however, provides the technology to facilitate a seamless, fast and secure digital onboarding experience. Our solution verifies the identity of the child and the parent-child relationship to a standard that meets KYC and AML requirements. So, there’s no longer any need for in-branch guesstimation. With TrustElevate, you can acquire, retain and delight new customers

Businesses can now convert a new generation of users into customers for life - quickly and hassle free.

TrustElevate is an alumnus of the Accenture Fintech Innovation Lab, 2019 and we are currently working with a number of banks.