What does TrustElevate do?

TrustElevate is a company that operates at the intersection of technology, privacy and human rights.

TrustElevate facilitates those companies and organisations that handle children’s data (<16s) to do so both in compliance with a raft of regulations and in alignment with children’s rights.

Relevant regulations include the General Data Protection Regulation, Payments Services Directive, Anti-Money Laundering Directive.

Children’s rights, as enshrined in the Convention of the Rights of the Child, include the right to privacy, safe places to play, and for a child’s best interests to be the primary consideration.

We enable businesses to operate in alignment with the Age Appropriate Design principle, articulated in the UK’s Information Commissioner's Office's code of practice. Underpinning good practice in the delivery of appropriate content and services is knowledge of the age band to which a user belongs, e.g. less than five years old, or between 6-12 years. Equipped with this knowledge, a service can provide age-appropriate content to the user and limit interactions between children to those in similar age-bands thereby mitigating risk to both users and the business itself in avoiding non-compliance penalties.

Benefits for schools:

  • Safer for students

  • Free and safe to use

  • Greater safeguarding capabilities for schools: save time and reduce budget pressures

  • Reduced pressure on teachers dealing with online safety challenges

  • Ability to select EdTech companies that comply with data protection regulation and the ICO’s Age-Appropriate Design Code

  • Provision of safety materials, guidance on upholding children’s rights in digital contexts 

  • Easily align with the GDPR Principle of Accuracy

  • School can have regular updated contact details of students and parents

  • Saving of School Time and Resources

  • Integrates if required into TE’s Safeguarding Features if required

  • Allows School staff to extend safeguarding and work with Parents

  • Reduces time and budget spent on internet-related safeguarding challenges

  • Enables parental oversight to the level that would be expected in offline contexts

  • Assists in selection and use of EdTech platforms that are compliant with regulation including, but not limited to, the UK’ Data Protection Act 

  • Easy to opt in - takes one minute

  • Excellent additional resources

TrustElevate is working with the UK’s data protection regulator, the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), who have reviewed this project. All data you provide is encrypted in transit, checked, deleted and never shared with another company. The app your child wishes to access is only ever given a token that does not contain any personally identifiable information. The token indicates that an adult with parental responsibility for a child aged, for example, below 12 years of age, has given consent for the child to access, for example, TikTok. The full privacy policy can be found here.

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