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enables across-the-board compliance for your platform

Social media apps are required to comply with regulations, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the Audiovisual Media Services Directives (AVMSD), and the Payment Services Directive (PSD2).

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Limit interactions to same age-band 

Platforms and online businesses can limit interactions between children of different age-bands up to the point of restricting communication to children and young people of the same age-band only. Restricting contact between children and adults with a sexual interest in children is a massive step in online harms reduction.

Delivering child-friendly content 

Digital service providers will no longer have to ignore the presence of children and young people on their platforms in the name of reduced liability. Instead, apps and sites and will be able to facilitate the delivery of child-friendly, educational content without the risk of exposure to harmful content hosted on any mixed audience platform. Safer spaces will be made available with curated content.

Children's rights are respected 

Children’s rights, as enshrined in the Convention of the Rights of the Child, include the right to privacy, safe places to play, and for a child’s best interests to be the primary consideration. Implementation of TrustEleate’s solution allows a child’s best interests to be considered in light of their cognitive developmental stage in accordance with their age-band.

The combination of content curation and contact limitation could allow for the concentration of moderation efforts in those digital spaces available to adults, with certain kinds of exposure being rendered relatively low risk when children are automatically excluded from bearing witness to or engaging in certain kinds of online activity

 Benefits for Social Media

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Technical implementation

  • Easy API integration 

  • User-friendly experience

  • Secure onboarding for your customers

Revenue Opportunities.png

Revenue opportunities


  • Extend existing services

  • Improve revenue growth and protection

  • Competitive advantage




  • Compliance with existing and upcoming regulations

  • Enables digital identity as a service strategy

  • Secure for your customers

  • Key enabler of digital parenting settings

Marketing Opportunities.png

Marketing opportunities


  • Boost your brand reputation

  • Enhance customer acquisition, retention and trust 

  • Standout customer experience

  • Children's rights are respected

  • Demonstrate global leadership in trusted
    services and online commerce



Plug & Play API to verify all age groups including under 17s

TrustElevate enables businesses to navigate age-related legislation by providing nuanced and scalable solutions.

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Data protection regulation compliance across all age groups, including children and young people

TrustElevate’s Veripass enables platforms to obtain a customer’s consent to data processing, and for young children, consent from the authorised holder of parental responsibility for a child.

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MyFamily trials with BT

In Q1 2020, TrustElevate conducted trials with BT as a part of the UK Government’s VoCO (Verification of Children Online) project

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TrustElevate's Product Purpose 

Internet Safety
Children's Rights
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