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TrustElevate is the solution for managing your customers' safeguarding needs while meeting regulatory requirements

Telcos that want to offer their customers the ability to engage in digital parenting can integrate with TrustElevate, offering our solution as part of family-oriented features

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Comply with data protection regulations

Reduce the risk of non-compliance fines by using our reliable zero-data solution

Enable digital parenting for your customers

Extend your offerings by enabling family settings in your app

Generate opportunities for your enterprise customers  

Leverage revenue opportunities

 Benefits for Telcos

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Technical implementation

  • Easy API integration 

  • User-friendly experience

  • Secure onboarding for your customers

Revenue Opportunities.png

Revenue opportunities


  • Extend existing services

  • Improve revenue growth and protection

  • Competitive advantage




  • Compliance with existing and upcoming regulations

  • Enables digital identity as a service strategy

  • Secure for your customers

  • Key enabler of digital parenting settings

Marketing Opportunities.png

Marketing opportunities


  • Boost your brand reputation

  • Enhance customer acquisition, retention and trust 

  • Standout customer experience

  • Children's rights are respected

  • Demonstrate global leadership in trusted
    services and online commerce


MyFamily enables Telcos to enhance family propositions and boost customer acquisition and retention while building brand loyalty. Such enhancement can lead to a diversification of product offerings that can create cross- and upsell opportunities, yielding increased revenue streams and a return on investment.

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Ensure regulatory compliance, respect children's rights & enable digital parenting 

This integration allows a verified parent to permission their child’s access to apps and services as part of a process that also informs the app of the verified child’s age band. This enables the delivery of age-appropriate content and boost customer engagement.

Parents may also grant or deny permission for that app to process their child's data, in compliance with GDPR. We use tokens so that no personally identifiable information is transferred.

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MyFamily trials with BT

In Q1 2020, TrustElevate conducted trials with BT as a part of the UK Government’s VoCO (Verification of Children Online) project

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TrustElevate's Product Purpose 

Internet Safety
Children's Rights
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