Discharging Duty of Care in the Face of Cyberthreats: Expert Advice Evening at Your School

Updated: Apr 19

TrustElevate helps schools and parents control and manage the unregulated access that children have to online games, websites and apps – both while at home and in school. We have developed concrete tools that will help with this.

Watch this video by our founder, Dr Rachel O’Connell, to get an insight into how these workshops are making an impact!

Host a workshop at your location! Our workshops address new risks children face online, how these can be combatted, and how key stakeholders can best discharge their duty of care. Key stakeholders include Headteachers, Teachers, Data Protection Officers, Safeguarding Leads and Council leaders.

To secure your workshop, please contact Places will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis, due to limited availability.

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