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TrustElevate to attend Bett 2024 event

Updated: Jan 26

TrustElevate is among the attendees at the three-day Bett event at ExCel London, starting 24th January 2024. 

Bett is the world’s biggest education technology exhibition, assembling stakeholders from across the entire education landscape.

It also features more than 600 innovative edtech and resource solution providers, who will be showcasing their cutting-edge and impactful products and services.

If you’re a teacher and/or parent with concerns about child safety and the internet, talk to our representatives, who will be attending Bett. 

You can learn more about how TrustElevate’s free resources can help shield children from a variety of harmful internet content and equip them to make safer choices while online, while our age-proofing, education and digital parenting tools ensure pupils only see age-appropriate content. 

What is Bett?

Launched in 1985 and transformed into a digitised event last year, Bett aims to equip everyone, from education institutions to governments, with the knowledge and tools they need to be effective users and buyers of technology. 

It holds events across the world, and features an array of edtech, industry leaders, live demos and collaboration opportunities. 

TrustElevate and Bett

As the only secure, accurate and privacy-preserving provider of age verification for all age groups, including children, we had to be part of this year’s Bett event. 

TrustElevate is the only company in the world that verifies an assertion of parental responsibility for a child, enabling a verified parent to grant permission to data processing on their child’s behalf. 

Our system goes beyond e-safeguarding, it empowers schools to proactively protect their students while they are online. ​


TrustElevate’s offerings have been developed as plug-and-play solutions for digital businesses, such as telcos, edtech, gaming, streaming, social media and banking, that handle all users data, including that of young people. 

Within our trusted platform, you can facilitate verification across all age-bands and throughout the customer lifecycle. 

Contact us

If you can’t get to ExCel London but want to know more about TrustElevate and how we can help you as a teacher, parent or organisation, email us at or call on +447715 281421.

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