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Date: 9 March 2022, 1:00-1:45PM



Our mission is to protect children from online harms, including traumatising content, cyberbullying and grooming. The technology to do that exists but big tech companies aren't paying attention. A lone voice won’t effect change but together we can leverage strength in numbers to campaign for a safer internet for our children.


There are already examples of how to win in this David and Goliath battle: Duncan McCann has taken a class action against YouTube for processing your children’s data illegally.  Youtube uses that data to expose your child to harmful content. And Johnny Ryan of the Irish Council for Civil Liberties has  worked with The Belgian Data Protection Regulator which found the tracking and processing of your and your child’s data by Google’s advertising business to be illegal.


It is possible to make a difference in tech and we’re going to do it!


Join our webinar on MARCH 9th at 1pm.


The first step to changing the status quo is getting together to share with one another - we want to hear from you about your experiences, your children’s experiences and what you want the next generation of the internet to look like.


If you’d like to see one of our founder’s previous talks with Primary School Headteacher Nic Wetton for Safer Internet Day, click here.


We look forward to seeing you there! 


Speaker - Dr Rachel O’Connell 


TrustElevate’s founder, Dr Rachel O’Connell, is a leading expert on digital safeguarding. Her PhD examined paedophile activity online and the implications for investigative strategies. She is the author of an identity attribute verification standard, the Pas 1296, Age Checking Code of Practice published by the British Standards Institution (BSI) and is now becoming an ISO standard. Rachel is a member of the BSI technical committee IST/33/5 Identity Management and Privacy Technologies and its panel IST/33/5/5 Age Assurance Standards. She is a Technical Advisor to the UK, Australian and Irish Governments, Google, US FTC, GCHQ, EU Commission, WHO, and Unicef and has participated in the World Health Organisation’s work programme which explores the relationship between childhood obesity and digital advertising. Dr O’Connell set up the first UK Internet Safety Centre in 2000 and was the Chief Security Officer for Bebo, a social networking platform, from 2006-2010. In founding TrustElevate, her aim was to continue in her efforts to better safeguard children online.

Rachel’s PhD examined the implications of online paedophile activity for investigative strategies. The findings of her research have led her to be so passionate about leveraging technology to keep children safe online.

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