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We want to protect every child in the UK - be part of our innovation 

TrustElevate’s child age verification and parental consent software is designed to enhance e-safeguarding of your pupils. TrustElevate is used by schools throughout the UK, recommended by BESA, ParentKind, HeadTeachersChat, and we are members of NAACE.


“TrustElevate has provided a simple solution for all parents to keep their children truly protected online. The future for our next generation is becoming safer.”

 - Nic Wetton, Headteacher, J H Godwin Primary School 


Our service makes students safer online, is free for schools, caregivers and students to use and enables you to enhance your safeguarding, save time and reduce budget pressures.

TrustElevate creates benefits for stakeholders throughout the ecosystem: we enable businesses to operate in alignment with the Age Appropriate Design principles of the Children’s Code as well as the General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR. Underpinning good practice in the delivery of appropriate content and services is knowledge of the age band to which a user belongs, e.g. less than five years old, or between 6-12 years. Equipped with this knowledge, a service can provide age-appropriate content to the user and limit interactions between children to those in similar age-bands thereby mitigating risk to both users and the business itself in avoiding non-compliance penalties. Meanwhile, you can rest assured that you have met related due diligence requirements.

Our founder, Dr Rachel O’Connell, has worked in internet safety for over 25 years and believes that when apps know the ages of their users that they can create safer spaces for children and young people. Join us in our mission to create a safer internet for children. Make sure your school benefits! To learn more and get in touch with us, click the button below:

Benefits for schools:

  • Free and safe to use

  • Greater safeguarding capabilities for schools: save time and reduce budget pressures

  • Reduce pressure on teachers dealing with online safety challenges

  • Select EdTech companies that comply with data protection regulation and the Children's Code

  • Easily align with the GDPR Article 5's Principle of Accuracy

  • Enables parental oversight to the level that would be expected in offline contexts

  • Easy to opt in - takes one minute

  • Excellent additional resources

TrustElevate has worked with the UK’s data protection regulator, the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), who have reviewed this project. All data you provide is encrypted in transit, checked, deleted and never shared with another company. The app your child wishes to access is only ever given a token that does not contain any personally identifiable information. The token indicates that an adult with parental responsibility for a child aged, for example, below 12 years of age, has given consent for the child to access, for example, TikTok. The full privacy policy can be found here.


What does TrustElevate do to protect children online?

Meral Bence, ICT Governor at Broke Hall Primary School

It was a pleasure to host TrustElevate at our school and to give parents the chance to understand more about online safety and the critically important UK Government-funded programme of work titled the Verification of Children Online (VoCO), which involved successful testing of TrustElevate’s Child Age verification and Parental Consent service. What TrustElevate has developed is a very easy to use solution to keeping children safe online, it was great to get parents directly involved and hear the feedback was amazing. It is clear that both parents and children got a lot from the session


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MyFamily trials with BT

In Q1 2020, TrustElevate conducted trials with BT as a part of the UK Government’s VoCO (Verification of Children Online) project

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TrustElevate's Product Purpose 


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