Social Media Platforms

Social media apps are required to comply with regulations, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the Audiovisual Media Services Directives (AVMSD) and the Payment Services Directive (PSD2). TrustElevate enables across-the-board compliance for your platform.

 Benefits for Businesses with TrustElevate

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Technical implementation


  • Easy API integration 

  • User-friendly experience

Revenue Opportunities.png

Revenue opportunities


  • Extend services for your
    enterprise customers

  • Revenue growth and protection

  • Competitive advantage




  • Compliance with existing and upcoming regulations

  • Secure for your customers

Marketing Opportunities.png

Marketing opportunities


  • Customer acquisition, retention
    and trust 

  • Stand out customer experience

  • Children rights are respected

  • Brand reputation

  • Ethical - Privacy By Design


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TrustElevates AgeCheck and Veripass products verify an assertion of parental responsibility for children <16

The acquisition of consent for the processing of that child’s data is fully compliant with a raft of regulations. Further, this enables digital parenting and another layer of oversight for child users.

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TrustElevates AgeCheck and Veripass Products enable frictionless on-boarding and consent management so all members of families using your app have positive experiences tailored to what delights each one, no matter what their age. TrustElevate puts the user and parent in the driving seat, eliminating unwanted and inappropriate content that is now so easily available on social media.