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At TrustElevate, we believe that if companies knew the real ages of their users, they could create age-appropriate spaces for children and young people to grow, learn and play without fear of online abuse, exposure to traumatising content and grooming.

The technology to do this exists, but big tech companies aren't paying attention and enforcement of the laws that are in place is not working. A lone voice won’t effect change, but together we can leverage strength in numbers to campaign for a safer internet for our children.

Sign up now to join us in our mission to create a safe internet for children!

By registering your interest to get yourself, your organisation or your child's school involved, you'll be joining a fantastic group of schools and organisations from around the country who are showing their commitment to making the internet a safe place for children.

Just check out this map to see where some of our partners are and check back once you've registered to see yours added!

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If you would like to register to join our mission, please do so below:

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Our service will go live in Autumn 2023 and is FREE of charge for parents, children, and schools

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Thanks for submitting!

Keeping your children safe online

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Key Partnerships

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Know my age!

Please share this page and get involved on social media!

Meral Bence, ICT Governor at Broke Hall Primary School

What TrustElevate has developed is a very easy to use solution to keeping children safe online, it was great to get parents directly involved and hear the feedback was amazing. 

Nic Wetton, Headteacher, J H Godwin Primary School

TrustElevate has provided a simple solution for all parents to keep their children truly protected online. The future for our next generation is becoming safer.

Jonathan Coy, HeadTeachersChat

TrustElevate’s privacy-preserving platform curates safe environments for students.



Online child safety is a massive concern for parents. Children and young people in digital spaces are routinely exposed to: 

  • Adults with a sexual interest in children

  • Online bullying

  • Inappropriate content



We are working with the Government on a pioneering technology initiative aimed at keeping children safe online by preventing adults with a sexual interest in children accessing online spaces in which they may gain access to children.

Parents are invited to participate in a simple, straightforward trial of an innovative new way to keep children safe online.

The TrustElevate TrustElev8 demo website shows how to register your child in our portal, so that when your child registers for a new app or service online you can approve or deny access and, importantly, the app owner or service provider will know the age band of the child. Equipped with the age-band of the child (with no personally identifying information), the app owner or service provider will be able to deliver them age-appropriate content and allow you to indicate whether you want your child to only interact with children of the same age band.

Note that the service is secure and privacy-preserving: we do not host or share any personal data with the app or service provider.

A minimum of


individuals in the UK pose a sexual threat to children

Online child sex abuse spiked by


in 2020

Join Protecting Children and their Data Online trials 
Session with Dr Rachel O'Connell

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