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Take the Pledge to make the internet a safe place for our children

Organizations and individuals have the responsibility to ensure that our children are protected online. From age verification tools to content filters, it takes all of us to make the internet a safe space for our kids to learn and grow.

Imagine a web free from lurking shadows, where every click leads to wonder, not worry.

A digital landscape bathed in vibrant possibility, where children can explore, connect, and create without fear. This isn't a utopian dream; it's a future within reach, one we can build together, brick by digital brick. But it requires a collective commitment, a chorus of voices rising in unison to say: The internet must be a safe haven for our children.

Think of the countless ways the internet enriches young lives. It's a classroom bursting with knowledge, a playground buzzing with connection, a canvas for unfettered creativity. Yet, lurking beneath this brilliance are shadows: predatory algorithms, harmful content, and the ever-present threat of cyberbullying. These shadows steal the joy of exploration, chip away at confidence, and leave scars that linger long after the screen fades dark.


We, as organizations, have a responsibility – a moral imperative – to banish these shadows. By joining our pledge, you become a champion, a guardian of light in the digital realm. You stand with educators, parents, and fellow advocates, declaring that the safety and well-being of our children is not a partisan issue, but a human one.

Signing this pledge is more than just a symbolic gesture; it's a catalyst for action. It's a promise to implement concrete measures, to prioritize child safety in every decision, and to collaborate with others in building a brighter, safer digital world.

Join us. Let's weave a web of protection, not peril. Let's make the internet a place where every click leads to a brighter tomorrow, for every child.

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