User Onboarding

TrustElevate makes it easy to onboard your customers without sacrificing their security

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Once a platform has integrated with TrustElevate, the platform embeds TrustElevate within the platform’s registration flow. The child then inputs their parent’s mobile number into the iframe. The parent receives a notification of a child’s wish to access the platform via an SMS or a notification, before providing details via TrustElevate’s application and setting up a secure TrustElevate account. 

The parent provides the requested child’s data points which, alongside the parent’s data points, are encrypted in transit and checked against authoritative data sources. This check will either provide an assurance of VPR (Verified Parental Responsibility), a requirement for the processing of children’s data under Article 8(2), as well as VA (Verified Age). VA affords companies confidence that their processing of an individuals’ data is compliant with GDPR’s requirements for children’s data.