Parents: Digital parenting

What does this mean ?

Extending the parenting you do offline to the online world. Parents set the rules / negotiate with their children how they behave in the offline world. Parents expect, e.g. the football club to put certain safeguarding measures in place and expect to be able to hold the football club to account should those safeguards not be in place or fail. We want to enable that level of parenting to apply in the online world. TrustElevate enables parents to have greater agency concerning the apps their children spend huge amounts of their time  on online. We are all about empowering parents to have a better understanding of what their children in specific age bands can expect to encounter on an app and the degree to

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which the app provider can demonstrate that they have considered the best interests of a child and have exercised a duty of care when designing and supporting the data to day operation of the app /platform. This is a new narrative and there is scope for TrustElevate to own this rallying call to parenting groups and children's rights groups and consumer groups to get behind, support, evangelise on digital parenting. Parents’ role is to defend children's right to a safe digital environment, one that doesn’t harm children's wellbeing and they have the right to expect companies that do not put proper safeguards in place to be held to account.