Build your EdTech service in compliance with regulations 

The EdTech sector has grown exponentially and is expected to continue to grow in the coming years. As more and more children use EdTech, it is vital that their data is kept secure and that parents are provided with appropriate oversight.

Parents want to be involved in their children’s digital lives and this extends to their education: with TrustElevate, you can empower your users with parental consent options, in line with the requirements of GDPR.

Parental responsibility and social norms are adapting to allow for a more open dialogue with children regarding the ways in which they curate their experiences and education. We aim to integrate these joint decision-making processes into EdTech platforms’ services through a plug-and-play solution that has been developed with this functionality in mind.

 Benefits for EdTech Platforms

Technical implementation

  • Easy API integration 

  • User-friendly experience

  • Secure onboarding for your customers

Revenue opportunities


  • Extend existing services

  • Improve revenue growth and protection

  • Competitive advantage



  • Compliance with existing and upcoming regulations

  • Enables digital identity as a service strategy

  • Secure for your customers

  • Key enabler of digital parenting settings

Marketing opportunities


  • Boost your brand reputation

  • Enhance customer acquisition, retention and trust 

  • Standout customer experience

  • Children's rights are respected

  • Demonstrate global leadership in trusted
    services and online commerce


Data protection regulation compliance across all age groups, including children and young people

TrustElevate’s Veripass enables platforms to obtain a customer’s consent to data processing, and for young children, consent from the authorised holder of parental responsibility for a child.


Plug & Play API to verify all age groups including under 17s

TrustElevate enables businesses to navigate age-related legislation by providing nuanced and scalable solutions.


MyFamily trials with BT

In Q1 2020, TrustElevate conducted trials with BT as a part of the UK Government’s VoCO (Verification of Children Online) project

We are working in partnership with BESA to change the face of education 


TrustElevate's Product Purpose 

Internet Safety
Children's Rights
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